5 Mistakes 6 Figure High-Ticket Business Owners Make That Are Costing 90% of Conversions (And How to Avoid Them)

This course will show you how to...- Get targeted leads through your funnel (without spamming them)- Educate leads BEFORE the sales call so they're ready to make a buying decision- Deliberately create a marketing to sales feedback loop so your marketing dollars are being spent in the correct places

You're leaving 90% of your leads unsold. This course will teach you you everything you need to improve your top to bottom conversions by 20%+ immediately.

Written by Mallory Gold, who has worked with 30+ high-ticket business owners, marketing, and sales teams to launch and scale their info-product businesses.

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Day 1: Mistake #1- Neglecting Data-Driven Ad TargetingDay 2: Mistake #2- Top to Bottom Funnel Journey is Too ComplicatedDay 3: Mistake #3- Uninformed Leads Ruining Effectiveness of Sales CallsDay 4: Mistake #4- Ignoring the Gap Between Marketing and SalesDay 5: Mistake #5- Time to Value is Too Long